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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle breWed
Post Content
I listened to the full scanner audio twice last night so over 4 hours it took and I took a few notes. Im new to this site so bare with me guys. Im very much informed on this Sandy Hook thing and tho I dont have the answers I do in fact have enough info from past investigations 9/11, Holmes, Newtown ect...anyway I took some nots and get some stuff. Sorry about the randomness of this as this is my first post as far as sharing some questions I have.

@ 9:55:25am you can hear a cop say "weapons including long rial and shotgun"

@9:57:52am If you listen closely it almost sounds like a gun shot then a cops muffled voice saying something ending with "get him out"

As ambulances arrive you can hear a driver ask dispatcher if he and another ambulance (A2) and (A3)can enter the road leading to the school then you hear the dispatcher clearly aggrivated by the request saying in a firm voice
"DD has not requested your arrival @ that site yet"

could be messing up a giant plan...

@ 10:00:05 cop says "ask the custodian we need a way to the roof.Get a team on the roof"

***** @ 10:28:05 cop says "CLOSET IN THE KITCHEN WE HAVE SOME VICTIMS"

I forgot the time byt just after 54 min into audio you hear a cop say that he found a teacher and 18 kids in the kitchen closet. Now im not sure if these were people hiding or if they were victims that would not match the MSM hero story of Victoria Soto.

The audio also speaks about some men filming a bow hunting documentary in New Canaan, Possibly a car pulled over wiht people wearing camo?

Im not sure if this has been discussed so I apoligise if it already has but I think its pretty obvious that the MSM is clearly being told to not report on these things and its very very transparent. They know that we know is what im getting at and weather that is intentional or not is still a question I have because it was a very sloppy cover up. Anyway im sorry im just throwing out my thoughts. Lots of great info here guys. Im glad I found this site. Im from New Canaan by the way and there is somethign very very wrong going on. And sorry about the spelling. I type to fast and My ADD kicks in when i get excited...
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