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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle eyesopen
Post Content
URGENT – spread far and wide!

just watched the new batman – dark knight rises, and guess what I found

322 – the number of skull and bones (Nazi secret society operating out of Yale)

this number appears on the VIP box in the football stadium as the field is exploding at time mark 1:29:44

this could very well be the group responsible for the CT shootings. this is their calling card. remember the Bushes are in the Skull and bones and it was H.W. that announced the NWO on 9/11/90 on the aircraft carrier. Prescott bush was the biggest financier of the Nazi movement.

now be on the lookout for an event that will publicly move the capitol from DC to Denver, where the new airport’s runways are shaped like a swastika.

add this to the “SANDY HOOK” reference on the map in the film (as posted by others im sure youve seen it)
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