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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle GreadyGeniu$
Post Content
Sorry everyone. I got a cease and desist email regarding this thread. I find the things the email said in it shocking. I would post it but it says on it that there could be fines/prison for retransmitting it. I am 100% certain this was a cover up now. Thanks for all of the contributions to this thread. Please continue the search for the truth, I have been shut down for now.
 Quoting: GreadyGeniu$


"this is chris rodia and you assholes have nothing better to do then to try and connect me to what may be the most evil crime in our life time….i got caught with 2 5mg percocet not in the correct bottle and you think i would committ murder for that,let along 20 beautiful children,my prayers go out to the families of those angels and they have suffered enough,now you are making my family suffer and live in fear and there is no connection,the car in my driveway is not mine,its not even the same make or model…look it up"

Scott verified this was the real Chris over @ AE
[link to willyloman.wordpress.com]
 Quoting: GreadyGeniu$

Scott's response:

"Chris… good to see you.

You were facing 7 felonies buddy. 7. That’s like… let’s see, 4 more than the number required to lock you up for life if I’m not mistaken. And your mom, she was facing, what? 6? Funny you are out and about these days.Funny how you got out without even posted a dollar for bond.

“The most evil crime in our lifetime”? Really? Considering you weren’t born after 9/11 and the millions of Iraqis who died after that based on lies, I would say that you are stretching it, just a tad huh?

But since you decided to stop by, and you seem to be of the right IP location, I’ll play along.

First of all, I never said you killed anyone. In fact, again, I stated that it takes a very special kind of monster to pull the trigger on kids at close range. You, I said, were a low level criminal who probably got hooked into playing the role of setting up the patsy for whomever did this or arranged it. At worst you were a facilitator for an out of country team.. maybe. Maybe not.

But did I ever say you did this? Nah. You got that one wrong buddy. You might be flawed like everyone else, but I never said you were a monster.

Now, since you are here, why don’t you explain why your name is on that police radio traffic recording from that day and how you got such a nifty deal to stay out of the slammer after such a criminal history of not just you but other members of your family as well.

I mean you have to admit, it does sound like your name comes back linked to that license in the recording and clearly that license is on that car which was towed out of that parking lot with that gun discovered in the back.

So. Rather than just coming here making baseless accusations toward me, answer those questions and clear up the situation.

Or would you prefer to just throw around some more generalized platitudes?"
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