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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle ConsciousConception
Post Content
what crime have you committed to acquiesce such a request from time warner cable? a cease and desist letter for expressing fictional viewpoints on a fringe website? threats of legal action must be viewed with discerning eyes as threats alone hold no weight unless you have committed a crime that can be cited. you have not committed a crime. also, since when is transcribing a document that is your property a crime?!

Please do yourself, GLP, and me a favor-post up that letter from TWC and lets expose a real conspiracy. most TWC can do is to cancel your internet service agreement. DO NOT LET FEAR FROM THREATS OF LEGAL ACTION DETOUR YOU - STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND FACE TWC WITH SOME TESTICULAR FORTITUDE!

you make record. record makes court. court makes law. therefore if you are keeping record by sending TWC a response letter asking for clarification as to the laws being broken and to cite such law-once you have done that you should take the two letters down to the county clerk in your area and make these documents COURT RECORD. if you want to play games with them send them the document back and say "DENIAL FOR CAUSE: INCORRECT NAME". State that your name is "John C. Doe" not "JOHN C. DOE" and that this must be corrected before you take response as an all capital spelling indicates a fictitious entity. Keep copies, record them with the county clerk. you make record, record makes court, court makes law. you are record-you are law.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29019521

This is the correct approach, 100 percent. (*close relative is a paralegal*)

At the end of the day this "cease and decist" letter is hard evidence that you are on the right track. Keep up the great work OP.
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