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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
First post here, so please excuse if I do something clumsy. And please don't take offense.

I wanted to point out something about the (alleged) parents that occurred to me and would make sense. It does look to me like we're seeing (at least some) people presented by the news who were not actually family members of shooting victims. If you have lost someone, this does not need to be explained. If I had just lost a child in the way described, I don't think I would be able to form sentences or even get myself dressed for at least several days. I would have trouble just going on living. This is something that ruins people's lives, destroys marriages, and drives people to suicide. Check out the difference between this and the parents dealing with their children's corpses during the Gaza bombings from just before SH. It's just not comparable.

That said -- I think that the actors-on-the-news thing has been going on for years and possibly decades, based on similar video from previous disasters (yes with some obvious ones planted for political reasons). With this possibility in mind, a logical question is why would any actual families of victims tolerate the deception? And there's a simple answer -- such devastated people would probably consider it a kindness for some actor to step in and spare them the public attention. I think it's entirely plausible that this is a standard "service" that law enforcement simply provides in such situations.

I haven't seen anyone mention this possibility yet, but would it be conceivable? It's feasible, there are reasons to do it (protection and privacy of any real victims), and there are reasons why all the players would agree. Does anyone have inside knowledge of this sort of practice? I guess if this really were protocol that a lot of people would have to know about it (like police and firemen) and it couldn't stay a secret.

To be clear, I'm not saying that SH was on the up and up, and I don't think that the official story is at all plausible. I'm just wondering if we're missing a simple practice about who actually gets presented on the news.
Thanks for any thoughts -- this is hard for me to sort out, and I only recently started to realize that I am living through the largest scam that mankind has known.
 Quoting: TryingToMakeSense

I don't think so. You seem to suggest that there is a benevolent reason to use actors to pretend to be parents of victims; namely to spare the grieving parents the pain of speaking publicly about their loss. None of thee parents have to speak publicly anyway; no one is making them. The "media" would have to be in on the deception, representing actors as real parents. Either that, or completely derelict in their vetting duties. Then there'd be the added risk for the media of getting caught perpetrating the fraud.

Were actors used in Sandy Hook? I don't know. Possibly. But were they used to spare the grieving parents? I highly doubt that.
 Quoting: GladioDaddy-O

I'm not implying benevolence. I am suggesting a pretense (of benevolence) that could be used to gain a family's acceptance while the govt/media spin some story or present actors. I am wondering if this practice is in place yet. (People ask why actual victims would tolerate such a thing -- this is a proposed answer.) Families would be the group most likely to call out a bogus story + investigation, so I would expect that anyone wanting to perpetrate such a false flag or hoax would either want to 1) minimize actual victims, or 2) have a prepared plan to remove victims' families from the scene + investigation afterward. Think about it -- if this is a false flag, then they had a plan in place ahead of time for handling the families (who would be easy to railroad early on).

I would expect no resistance from the media to such a practice, but maybe this isn't an offered service yet. Does anyone know if there's any local or independent media verifying who the victims were, or any information about the families? Or interviewing locals?
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