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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle goldielucks
Post Content
the car which was tagged as Adam Lanza's is indeed registered to a 'christopher a rodia'. So the connection between these two is already fishy enough.. something needs to break and fast.

this could be the smoking gun to finally call for the mass arrest of all officials in power.
 Quoting: SteamrolledGobias

If you are looking for the smoking gun to finally call for the mass arrest of all officials in power, go to Release Mark Taylor facebook page. Mark was a victim of Columbine. He took over 7 bullets. He learned that his assailant Eric Harris had been butt raped by law enforcement. His attorney John Decamp who wrote the book "The Franklin Coverup" is in this interview where he states factually that the Columbine shooters were raped numerous times by deputies. He had access to sealed document and tapes. All that needs to be done is unseal the documents. John says that the sealed information exposes names, times locations etc.
The information on Mark's facebook page and www.columbinefamilyrequest.org are the easiest paths. or just google January Incident or Walsh butt rape. We have several million hits on our you tubes etc. I wonder if Adam Lanza visited our site? It may be that he is a victim of buttrape and drugged the same as Eric Harris. If this is the case, they should have listened to Mark instead of drugging him. His information could have prevented this had it been acted upon.
[link to www.columbinefamilyrequest.org]
[link to www.facebook.com]
[link to www.examiner.com]
[link to globalgrind.com]
 Quoting: Columbine family

Thanks for sharing this! I believe it's highly likely pedophilia is involved and the official conflicting stories are meant to distract from what's really been going on there. Did a local discover some of the sick individuals involved like a Sand.usk.y and occult sacrifice? Perhaps we should be looking at the local obituaries, missing persons and arrests? Maybe those unknowns need investigated as to who they were or what happened to them? Senator Nancy Schaefer from Georgia was made to disappear because of her investigations into CPS...

Also, I've had the Columbine website you have mentioned bookmarked for a couple/few years. I recently remarked on the S.H. case being related or tied into the Franklin Cover-up and Jon Benet. Investigating further would probably lead from DuPont Circle to Laurel Canyon and beyond. I've noticed that anytime there's an alleged crime to bring outrage and fear across the board these occult pedo's are usually involved. Very, very sick and sinister "fat cats" we're living amongst, and they do a damn good job with the alphabet media deceiving the public to keep their cover.

Thanks for remaining diligent and sharing the truth so many find hard to accept.
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