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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle rubyblue
Post Content
Not only the thing with Rodia's car is strange ... also the way all the cars are parked on the school's parking place is absolutely staged:

On the site: Thread: Raw Helicopter Footage At Sandy Hook (Page 4) we find a smart guy who comments
:""Does that school have valet parking?
Every single car in the first row backed in. Every single car in the second row pulled front first?"

And here is a snapshot of the parked cars (taken from the video [link to www.youtube.com] at 3:11): [link to s14.directupload.net] .

Isn't is strange? Look at all the cars of those two parking rows in the middle of the snapshot . in the first row all(!) the cars had been parked in with their back first. And in the second row all the cars had been parked in with their front first.
That's not normal - but ARRANGED!
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