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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle rubyblue
Post Content
@Anonymous Coward, Australia, at 01/11/2013 09:45 PM

You make a valid point:
"yet there were only 45 - 50 (depending on the site you read) employees at sandy hook at the time

…but I think You even overestimate the numbers of teaches at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Look at this little teeny weenie school: [link to i.dailymail.co.uk] .

I think there were only, let's say, seven teachers at a time. Yes, the list of the Sandy Hook Elementary Scholl lists much more teachers. But may be they had a rotation system.
And there where also young teachers-to-be who obviously got their on-the-job-training at Sandy Hook. As far as I remember there where two teachers-to-be, who where both supposedly) murdered. That makes 9. There was probably also a janitor at Sandy Hook. That makes 10 persons.
That my estimation is right is documented by the mass media: They reported of only very few teachers. As far as I remember they mentioned two young teaches on their on-the-job-training. And then I remember only three names of teachers: "Kaitlin Roig", "Soto", "Hochsprung". Yes, I probably forgot some more names of teachers. And I am to lazy to re-research this now. But I guess that I did not forget more than, let's say, 3 names of teachers at the Sandy Hook massacre.

So the total number of the (active!) Sandy Hook Elementary School staff was hardly more then 10.
And they probably arrived there with a car (not as pedestrians or with a bicycle, a Harley, a motor scooter or moped or so). So that makes ten cars. But some of the teachers probably did not come with their own car, but were dropped there by there wife or husband or fiancé, lover, mother, father, brother, sister, neighbour (Newtown is a small town!).
So that makes less then 10.
And these cars all had been parked on the empty parking place HEAD ON by running over the (empty) second row and stopping on one of those parking squares in the first row.

Also the parents, who dropped their children didn't park there until the school time was over . Instead they dropped their children at the school entrance - and drove away.

So of the 42 cars I counted in these two parking rows MORE than 32 cars had been added wilfully and because of a fraudulent ambition - this all before the "massacre" started!
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