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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle GladioDaddy-O
Post Content
[link to www.ctpost.com]

exculpatory article on Chris Rodia
 Quoting: Dinae1985

He says he was miles away in Greenwich, getting a warning for illegally parking in a fire zone.

"I was with my niece driving my mother's sage green Nissan," the 43-year-old Norwalk resident said.

Greenwich Detective Vincent O'Banner remembers pulling Rodia over in that city around the time of the Newtown shootings. "I do remember that," he said. "I gave him a verbal warning."

Read more: [link to www.ctpost.com]

 Quoting: New Age Messiah

Lets examine this very carefully.... Chris Rodia states that he was driving his MOTHERS car in the media article.. so on a rego plate check that means his MOTHERS NAME would be read out, not his.. it was a plate check, not a licence check.. We clearly hear the officer reading out a rego plate number, not a licence number.. now if someone says well we obviously just dont hear the request, and somehow these two seperate incidents get scrambled over the top of each other... that might be a valid argument, HOWEVER, in the letter from the Greenwich police department to the youtube guy who posted the scanner recordings, which is posted on his channel and ive read it, the police officer who sent him the letter says "i recognise the police officers voice as a greenwich officer (the one who read out the licence plate number) and that the dispatch was the Greenwich dispatch... WRONG... lies.. absolute lies right there.. because we know for a FACT that the licence plate read out over the scanner, was in fact the same licence plate of the car towed from the sandy hook school, because we have the photo of it... HUGE LIES.. and from within the police department no less.. unless they are gov shills pretending to be officers who sent the youtube user this letter.. either way.. busted..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31744715

You nailed it.

Another obvious lie: when Vance says he'd never heard of Rodia.
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