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Message Subject Reposted: Sandy Hook Massacre - Some new leads
Poster Handle Bat Wing
Post Content
There is so much wrong with the whole story. Even when they try to correct the mistakes it still doesn't make sense.I want to Thank all of you for doing such great work!
I have read thru all and I do not remember anyone saying anything about the mother that went to the school because her son had forgotten something at home. Her account of arriving was that she noticed a black hatch back of some sort outside the entrance to the school What made it seem weird was all doors were open and black sweatshirts were strewn around it? She also mentioned another mother was there at the front door. The school was quiet then they noticed the front glass broke out, heard gunshots and she ran towards the firehouse.
What happened to the other mother? Who was the other mother? How long had she been standing at the front door?

Now I would think if there had been officers there she would of noticed that or if there had been anything at the FD she would noticed that. She ran because she heard gunfire. But the other eyewitness didn't hear gunfire until the police arrived. Why didn't this mother hear the 2 boys running and screaming down the sidewalk? One little boy had a skateboard? Was he coming from the school?
 Quoting: So Confused 25135346

I am just wondering if all of this was planned in advance.

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