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Poster Handle ninnie
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Events are made clear by prophecies and prophecies are made clear by events.

This cannot lie.

The world saw the Jews streaming home, Israel, The Messiah revealed Himself to them as scripture said It would be. The Bible is for believers to drink from, It is The Living Waters. Exactly how Christ was when He was here with the Jews, he was the same but the historical event was not the same, how, where, and what was done is their business, these Jews were faithfull for hundreds and hundreds of years without defiling themself with false doctrines.

The missing piece of information WAS the event when Christ colleced His saints, His Second Return. He did that, and then went to Israel and collected the last ones. You will discover It if you look.

The earth is an evil place The Holy Spirit takes its flight.

Christ comes back with His saints, the event is nearly there !

Look at the past events and look at the prophecies, that is Heaven's News.

Saying it never took place makes God a liar and the denial is turning God's Word into wormwood.

There are Jewish saints living in Israel this world is not worthy of ! God's saints are the only people left on earth who are of only great value to Him, touch that you are dead.

Many people are raised up to receive Life and are not part of His chosen people. His chosen people, Christians and Jews wherever they may be are foreordained. These are His children. Muslims and all people of all religions and races are finding Him and they have been foreordained as part of His chosen people, the lost ones.

Here in South Africa we had every race group and religion finding Christ when His spirit swept through the country, the most magnificent people on earth I have ever known, they have gone home now and the last will meet up with the rest ! This is the global super-race, when Jesus collected them, they portrayed the Character of Christ. They come back with Him as the Bible says. These people are like safe houses you don't want to leave their side, they have gone now.

Bible = you are the Word.

Bible = you are dictating to the Word.

Depends what your intentions are with the Bible.

Prophecies and events that match them cannot lie and saints don't need a university degree to tell them that, it is obvious.
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