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what does it mean to be shot

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United States
12/23/2012 09:07 AM
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what does it mean to be shot
in the dream l was at home. I went to check to see if my door was locked it was not locked so l opened it first and when l did this there was a masked man in all black outside with a semi automatic gun and he shot me and three of the bullets hit me somewhere in the forhead area. I screamed out to my boyfriend that l had been hit and to call 911. He called 911 and lady wanted to talk to me to keep me awake. I remember that l keep whipping blood from my forhead but lm not in much pain. I also remember that my vision is blurry so l keep rubbing my eyes so that l can see cleary. 30 minutes have gone by and the ambulance is still not there and l keep asking the 911 lady what is taking so long. My boyfriend keeps saying he is just going to meet me at hospital because if he follows the fire truck will think he is just regular car and get made that he is in the way l just say ok that is fine.then l wake up!

Can someone please explain to me what this dream means. Thank you.