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On to the fiscal cliff, out with the EU default, wheres the beef?

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12/23/2012 10:47 AM
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On to the fiscal cliff, out with the EU default, wheres the beef?
So ive been thinking of late, where has all the talk of the EU troubles gone?
We've had the recent shootings consuming the media, the fiscal cliff doing the same and also the proposed gun control that is trying to be implemented. OOh, wait, I missed one,the end of the world thingy :S

No doubt, they are going to pass something through congress over the holidays and sneak it in there, i am under the impression that happened before. What it could be, who knows, but there is enough distraction at the moment that one could slip under the radar.

The euro zone crisis, well, that has lost steam also. Most of this I attribute to the constant saturation of the media and its grown old.

The US, no one is really discussing that recently. Im concerned, and I live in Canada. When you guys sneeze, we catch a heck of a cold. And really, Id prefer it if neither one of us is sick.

The middle east issues, pfft, who knows. Everything was going crazy leading up to the proposed end of the world. Now that the predictions havenít come to fruition, now what.

So, what are we in for next? Besides another doomsday thread that really consists of nothing other than fabricated and misinterpreted information.

I know there are some very educated individuals that wonder around here, whats on your mind? Whats your take on the whole mess?