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Message Subject WOW! Romney's son says Mitt never wanted to be president anyway!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
That is probably true of every person up there. I know I would not want to do it as a first choice.

I doubt Obongo is enjoying himself.

Serously, you know who leads a good life, Steve Wynn. Guy own basicly 100% of those casions now, meaning he gets all the free buffet comps he wants. How cool is that!

So as far as Romney living a cool life, he still "has to" work, and the director gig isn't the same as owning a handful of Casinos.

Yah, Mr. Adleson and Mr. Trump own Casinos, by Steve Wynn does it with a certain Panache' (that little down home (before the big boys took over) Panache')

So, saying Mitt is living the life of Juice and Rasins in Mass. is a little overstated when you look at how Steve Wynn (or Mr. Trump or Mr. Adleson) conducts business.

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