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Message Subject Black VS White crime statistics - The REAL DEAL - CNN can get bent
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The truth is this, and not very glamorous, so my response will likely get skipped over.

Its a known fact you cant trust any crime statistics because they are inaccurate and always will be.

First, there is no single universal data collection system. This means aggregating data from different systems leads to inaccuracies.

Second, all crimes are not reported, this also leads to inaccuracies.

Thirdly, of what is reported is not entered in a standard consistent manner every time, this also leads to inconsistencies.
 Quoting: Jervis and V-Honey

One could simply look up the offenders on local prisons etc, most are black. Not all crimes are reported... But there's a reason people don't go to the ghettos... Which is pretty much black populated. It's not because of their skin color. Statistics are probably inaccurate... But not by much.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30271119

I work in a pred. black area, and it's getting progressively worse. I'm noticing an up tick in the level of douchebaggery and they're testing us again. My shop is going to get hit, and there's gonna be some stains on the carpet when the smoke clears.

It's coming folks, for the love of all that is Good and Holy, get ready.
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