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by jupiter this is fun

wind rider
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12/23/2012 04:06 PM
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by jupiter this is fun
The Morning Stars
in the book of Job the conversation about Orion and Pleiades is found in 38:31-32 ....in 38:4 this question is asked ...where wast thou when I laid the foundation of the earth?

and a star relationship is mentioned in 38:7 WHEN THE MORNING STARS SANG TOGETHER, AND ALL THE SONS OF GOD SANG FOR JOY?

i suggest that now is the time of the MORNING and it is when the sun of our solar system finishes its day around the sun of Orion known as Alcyone and aligns with the completion of the day of its travel around the sun of Pleiades known as Sirius ..........

these three suns are the SONS OF THE MORNING ......it is they who will/are vibrating together and are the activation for all the SONS OF GOD to sing for joy again .......

the alignment is now and the morning of the new day has begun ........

awaken......those of us who still believe in the dream fear of the darkness .....

we have entered WITHIN ......within the light that is shown in a dark place ......

the change is for now ....prepare, participate ...awaken
wind rider