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Swedish Social Democratic leader: Immigrants are stealing our jobs

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30721492
12/24/2012 01:52 AM
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Swedish Social Democratic leader: Immigrants are stealing our jobs
The government is to blame for the Sweden Democrats gain. It says S-leader Stefan Löfven in a DN interview. At the same time, he reveals the party's new proposals against unemployment and agrees representative Hakan Juholts demands for higher pensions.

In yesterday's DN / Ipsos Social Democrats received 33.1 percent, a level that Stefan Löfven not satisfied with.

- It is clear that we are going higher. And the Sweden Democrats are too big. We have hard work ahead of us, he says after almost a year as party leader.

Löfven, 55, is concerned about the SD's success in the polls. According to SCB's voter barometer takes the party voters mainly from the Social Democrats and the Conservatives. Unlike Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has he seen the films Expressen published and he does not mince words:

- Talk about "Babbe", call women "whore" and "this is not your country." What the hell is going on? I get very upset and scared. It is not Sweden. The real Sweden is not stupidity, but diversity.

Löfven explains SD's march to its position as the third largest party in the government's economic policies.

- I want to be very clear about that. If you create a society with increased income inequality and greater social insecurity, which will create the basis for this kind of parties. Most people who say they sympathize with the SD is not xenophobic basically, but many of them are scared and worried in terms of jobs.

He also believes that the Green Party helped the situation by creating a migration political settlement with the government that increased labor immigration from non-EU countries with approximately 10,000 people per year.

- It does not facilitate the problem.

But how do you stop the voter exodus from S to SD?

- It is to focus on jobs. We must be very clear that there will be opportunities for jobs, education and social security for all people.

But you have not said much about integration as party leader?

- If I come from Kabul or E-bay is not that important. Integration policy is not a policy area of the page, there is the availability of housing and work to do.

Prior to S Congress in april will the next S-proposal to bring down unemployment, long term unemployment stops. S want five billion per year spent on young people under 25 should not be unemployed for more than six months. After that job, training or education should be initiated.

- It's our New Year's resolution to young people.

Löfven agree for the first time in the representative Hakan Juholts criticism that public pensions are too low in the new pension system. He now wants to retire with the S group and the four center-right parties will discuss whether it is reasonable that you only get about half of their final salary in the public pension.

- Pensions are too poor. Now the system has been in place for some time. Just because we were with, and made it so it can not mean that we can never do it again.

Previously, the Social Democratic representative in the group pension Tomas Eneroth roundly criticized the PPM system which was one of the bourgeois parties shot the child when the pension scheme was negotiated during the 90-century crisis. But it is not enough to change the PPM think Löfven.

- I want us thinking about how we actually be able to provide higher pensions.

Löfven would not comment on whether he wants a government partnership with the Green Party after the election but promises notice of which party or parties he wants to work with "in good time" before the election in September 2014. He is optimistic about the possibilities of becoming prime minister in less than two years.

- It feels good, but you should never be sure. You have to work hard and be humble.

[link to www.dn.se]