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I hope you're not praying to OSHO tonight, here's what he thinks of Jews, Christians, and Hindus

Christ, Moses, Krishna
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United States
12/24/2012 02:13 AM
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I hope you're not praying to OSHO tonight, here's what he thinks of Jews, Christians, and Hindus
If he was capable of raising the dead then rather than raising Lazarus -- who was of no use at all... I don't see that raising Lazarus was of any value. He should have chosen Moses, Abraham, Ezekiel -- then Jews would have worshiped him rather than crucifying him. If he had raised all the old prophets, the Jews would have, without any question, accepted him as the only begotten son of God. What would have been the need to argue? -- he could have proved himself by action.

But those stories are just stories. Jesus, to be historical, has to be denuded of all those miracles. But once you drop all those miracles Christians are no longer interested in Jesus. What is left in him? Why should they believe in him?

They really never believed in him. That's why I say that my religion is the first and the last religion on the earth, because you are here with me not for any miracle that I have performed. You are here with me not because of anything that is special about me.

I don't carry any authority from God, I don't have any support from the scriptures. I am just as ordinary as you are.

Up to now this has never happened. People love Jesus because of his miracles; take the miracles away and their love disappears. They were attracted by the magical qualities, they were not concerned with Jesus at all. They were interested in Krishna because he was the incarnation of God and performed so many miracles. Just take those miracles away, and Krishna is finished!

You cannot finish me. You can take anything away from me but you cannot finish me, because I have not in any way tried to influence you, impress you, by something which is superhuman. Everything can be taken away from me, but your relationship towards me will remain the same; it can't be changed, because in the first place it is a simple relationship.

Those relationships between Christians and Christ, and Jews and Moses, and Hindus and Krishna, are not at all concerned with the individual. If Jesus meets you on the way and tells you, "I am Jesus Christ," the first thing you will ask him is to walk on water.

You cannot ask me that. You cannot even ask me to walk, because I have never done even that miracle! Walking on water... you cannot ask me because you will look foolish. But with Jesus, you can ask him and you will be perfectly right. If he simply drowns in water then he is going to drown. It is just against physical laws: he is going to drown.

Then what will be your relationship with a Jesus who drowns... you have to run and jump and save him and give him artificial breathing. What will be your relationship with this man? Just think of it. No, you don't have any relationship with Jesus, Mahavira, Buddha, Krishna, not at all. Your attention is diverted.

They teach you to love Jesus. Why? Because he turned water into wine? Even if he turned water into wine, that does not mean he deserves your love. In fact he has committed a crime, he should be behind bars. Turning water into wine without a license... you are going against the law, against the government, against society. He should be punished -- i don't see how he can deserve your love. And it is an old story -- today he would turn any vegetable into marijuana, hash.

President Ronald Reagan goes on quoting Jesus, not knowing about the man, that if he was here and if he was to do any miracle -- and he would have to do a miracle because without that miracle he is nobody -- then he would be the biggest dope dealer in America. That would be the only miracle that America would understand. He would not turn stones into bread -- there is enough bread in America -- he would turn stones into L.S.D.

No, he never did any of these things. But then your love and your faith disappear. From the very childhood you have been told to love God, whom you know not; you are not even certain that He exists. Your love has been diverted in a direction which is absolutely imaginary, it has no corresponding reality to it.

Your love for Jesus is not for Jesus but for things which any mediocre mind feels impressed with.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 26966270
United States
12/24/2012 02:14 AM
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Re: I hope you're not praying to OSHO tonight, here's what he thinks of Jews, Christians, and Hindus
link: [link to www.baytallaah.com]