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Engineering Armageddon

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02/08/2006 05:26 PM
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Engineering Armageddon
[link to www.weatherwars.info]
Evidence has surfaced indicating the inevitability of major seismic events occurring soon on the western coast of North America. These events will be caused by the aggressive use of SCALAR TECTONIC WEAPONRY.

This article lays out a possible scenario, explains the underlying causes and shows examples of where scalar tectonic weaponry is currently in use. Also included is background information that will help the reader understand the nature of seismic events, tectonic plates, volcanoes and scalar tectonics at resonance. Many subject related graphics are available for viewing by clicking on hyper linked words in the article.

In order to gain a clear understanding, we need to learn a little about the nature of earthquake waves.

An earthquake primer
Earthquake durations range from milliseconds up to a few minutes, but the waves set in motion by the largest events can last for days. An easy analogy for this is to imagine a balloon filled with water that is resting in the palm of one hand. If you thump the balloon with the finger of your other hand you can feel the momentary oscillations inside the balloon continue after the impact of your finger. The same thing can be seen visually with a large piece of Jello on a plate when you strike it with a spoon; it jiggles. The Earth is just a bigger piece of Jello to seismic waves