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Message Subject A new Jesus visionary called the Chosen Child - says we will get new President...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Messages from Jesus Given to a Chosen Child in Chicago (December 22-28, 2012)

December 22, 2012 (9:37am)
Tell My beloved children to trust just a little bit longer and your trust will be a big bonus of a great miracle. There is no way anyone could ever conceive of how this could allow another person to become president of your country but remember all things are possible with God. There is much speculation about all of this but none of it is accurate. You just have to wait for it to happen. In the mean time you must take seriously what you have been told about My Mercy coming to an end and My Justice taking its place. Yes, My children, if you are not in the State of Grace you are putting your souls in great peril. Donít take a chance of thinking you have more time and then put it off for a future time. You donít know when this is going to happen. Those who refuse to listen and remain in serious sin, you may not be able to save your soul since the devils will have more opportunity to keep you in that state and there will be very few graces available to you. Oh, My children, the year is almost over and the man chosen for these times is anxiously waiting to be able to put his ideas and plans into effect. He has been given the guidance of the Holy Spirit in what has to be done to get your country under control again and canít wait to get started. Keep praying and trusting.
I love you, Jesus.

December 23, 2012 (10:51am)
Tell My beloved children to be at peace as they await the great miracle. It is going to come even though it doesnít seem possible. Just when everyone gives up in disgust and claims these messages are just a big hoax, then it is that the miracle will occur. Donít wait until itís too late to come back to the Sacraments. As I keep warning you the time of My Mercy is coming to an end and My Justice will be difficult to endure if you are not in the State of Grace. The demons will be lurking everywhere to destroy souls. Look around the world and witness all the violence and suicides. If people were close to the Lord they wouldnít consider suicide to help them escape from a difficult situation. My children need to learn to turn to God and not alcohol and drugs when they are in distress. The enemy is there to convince you there is no other answer to your problems other than these means. My dear ones are you listening for the man chosen for these times? He will be on more tv and radio stations in the next days to come. My dear ones keep your trust and faith in the Lord as we get to the final days before the great miracle you wonít be deceived. Only God can perform this miracle to usher in your new president.
I love you, Jesus.

December 24, 2012 (10:11am)_
Tell My beloved children that this is the week when the major miracle will occur. This wonderful gift will change your whole country forever. It will take great sacrifices from everyone but it will be something you will be glad to do for the good of all. Oh, my children, I realize what a big test this was for all of you but now you will have something to bring great joy into the new year. There will be trouble when those who are now in power lose it, but your country will have a great president to get you through it. He will need all your prayers and support. He and his family will be such an asset to all of you. He prays and sacrifices many things for this great country. He will be giving advice that he will receive by the prompting of the Holy Spirit for the good of all its citizens. Yes, My children, there will be reason to celebrate the arrival of another new year. Keep trusting My dear ones. I want all of you to believe in this great gift which is on the way.
I love you, Jesus.

December 25, 2012 (11:17am)Tell My beloved children to rejoice in the Lord today. How great and glorious is our God. My dear ones, the message given yesterday should give you much hope for the future of your country. Many of you are complaining that you still donít know who the chosen man for your country is. Keep listening My children he is on the tv and radio in many parts of the country. At this point he wonít be on regular stations since they donít want to hear his message and they donít think they can get a lot of attention with him anymore. Yes, My children, the great miracle will be so spectacular you wonít believe it when it happens. You will be shocked even though you are anxious for it to come. My dear ones be sure to stay in prayer and donít allow yourself to be deceived by the enemy. He knows the miracle will change hearts and turn them back to God so he wants to distract you any way he can. My children your president is now out of the country. When he comes back he and his companions have plans to present to the country which will be devastating for most of you. Donít get discouraged since I already assured you all these efforts will fail. Keep your hope and trust in the Lord. He wants all of you to be happy when this great miracle comes.
I love you, Jesus.

December 26, 2012 (8:53am)
Tell My beloved children to pray for all to go well once the miracle occurs. As mentioned earlier the powers now in control will be stunned and will do anything they can to keep their power. My children, I know how difficult it is to continue believing all this can happen by the end of the week but your trust will get you through it. Oh, My dear ones, I canít tell you how pleased you will all be with your new president. He has been working diligently for many months to make this a smooth transition. He has many plans to help get your country back to One Nation Under God. Itís difficult to believe so many people bought into the lies of this Administration including My dear priests and religious. If they had been praying and asking for guidance in their voting before the elections so much of this could have been avoided. Now they will begin to see how wrong they were and will be able to accept and embrace the man chosen for these times to be your next president. Keep the faith My dear ones the week is almost over.
I love you, Jesus.

December 27, 2012 (10:36am)
Tell My beloved children all will be well soon. The miracle is waiting to take place. I know most of you are on pins and needles wondering if this is really going to happen. I wonít deceive you My children. You would never be given this information only to have it be a big lie. No, My children, be patient a few more days. The enemy is trying to sow seeds of doubt in your minds. Stay in prayer and be at peace. The man chosen for these times is awaiting the miracle with great anticipation as you are. He doesnít know what it will be or the exact day the same as you, but he knows in his heart he is the one chosen for these times to be your next president. It is taking great trust for him to believe all this as well My children. Just believe in your heart and know that your country will be in good hands very soon. The ones in power right now are in for a big surprise. They wonít be able to believe all that will happen. Oh, My children, keep praying and putting your total trust in God who wants you to have a beautiful country that will be under divine guidance.
I love you, Jesus.

December 28, 2012 (9:10am)
Tell My beloved children to stay close to the Lord and ask him to give you the grace to receive this miracle with hope and guidance for the future of your country. You will be so surprised and in bewilderment at how all this will transpire but it is about to happen as it has been predicted and prophesized. Yes, My children, as you were told you will have much to suffer in the future but this miracle will bring you a wonderful president who will help to save your country. Whatever you have to endure you will be able to cope with it knowing God is now in control and not those who have been trying to control you for years. Oh, My children, take comfort in knowing before the week ends the miracle will take place as promised. I know this is the long awaited gift you have been waiting for with so much hope and anticipation. Be at peace My children the miracle is imminent.
I love you, Jesus.
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