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US Space Fleet? Have UFO's Been Used Off World?

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User ID: 27266963
United States
12/24/2012 07:13 PM
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US Space Fleet? Have UFO's Been Used Off World?
So lets assume for a moment that the US and other govt black projects have advanced technology that the public knows nothing about.

Alien Reproduction Vehicles to be more exact. The UFO's that are sometimes seen may be ours or it may be ET's. It may be home grown or it may be reverse engineered. It may be both human and ET tech....but id rather not get stuck debating this in particular.

Id like to discuss the idea that if this is real, what this fleet of advanced interstellar ships may be/is being used for.

I assume that having the ability to be invisible would be great on the battlefield such as a reconnaissance platform. But lets go a step further. Is the US building up its arsenal of advanced aircraft/space craft for a future confrontation in space? With who?

Could it be that there have already been battles in outer space where our secret govt has used ARV's or alien reproduction vehicles? Star wars style conflicts fought in our solar system and beyond?

How and where are the pilots for these ships recruited? Supposedly I hear they need advanced brain function to pilot the ships...so are they being genetically engineered? Or has there been a "Brain Drain" where top pilots have disappeared from their top gun style training facilities?

If we supposedly have these reverse engineered saucers one would assume that we also have something like an aircraft carrier for these ships. Motherships anyone?

It makes sense that we would be out in space looking for more exotic resources, raw materials and elements that don't exist on earth. Especially if these elements were needed to build more spacecraft or were used as fuel.

Have we already seeded another planet with life? Do we have colonies of people who have been created/cloned and have been taught a creation myth and new religion by the PTB on another planet? What purpose? Slave workers for the mines?

Could people be abducted from earth (the ones who never come back) and be sent off to work in off-world colonies, or told a lie that the earth had been destroyed and they had been saved to repopulate and continue humanity? Almost makes me think of that movie "the island"....could that already be happening on another planet?

I know these are far out ideas and sometimes my thoughts do tend to be all over the place so I apologize if this post looks scattered, but please lets discuss the possibilities here. Thank for reading!!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 972619
12/24/2012 07:18 PM
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Re: US Space Fleet? Have UFO's Been Used Off World?
It's Captain Asshair and his cronies from the Galactic Federation of Shite.