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My UFO Sighting in the Republic of Georgia

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United States
12/24/2012 07:14 PM
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My UFO Sighting in the Republic of Georgia
Hey Everyone!

I would like to share a major UFO sighting with you that had occurred in my childhood.

I do not have any photo or video evidence, however it is still clear in my mind like it was yesterday. (Please dont reply saying, proof or it didnt happen) im just going to share this with you, you can believe it or not, im not going to be disputing anyone in this thread as to the validity of my sighting.

This sighting occurred around 1990 in the Republic of Georgia, which at the time was still part of the Soviet Union. I will refer to it simply as Georgia from now on.

At the time I was very young, about 5, I had been living with my grandparents in Georgia, while my parents were working in Ukraine. They would come visit me by plane quite frequently, this sighting occurred while on the return trip from one of their visits. We were driving from the Tbilisi airport going my grandparents home.

It was summertime and the ride home was about 3 hours from Tbilisi. The car was packed with me, both parents and both grandparents. The route home consisted of very hilly and mountainous terrain and also lots of flat fields and valleys. Very rural and not much in between the villages/towns.

As dusk was slowly beginning to set in, we were about halfway home when we entered a very straight and flat road. To the right of this road, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, we noticed about 7 to 10 cars that were parked with people standing next to them and acting excited.

Naturally my grandpa pulled over the car because of his curiosity. What we all saw was as follows:

There was a very large and flat wheat field to the right of the road. It likely spanned at least 4-6 miles downrange. At the foot of this field towards the end stood a very large mountain.

We first noticed what seemed like white orb shaped lights flashing all over this mountain. Some would jump from the ground and end up on the mountain, some would do the opposite and end up "jumping" to the ground. They were flashing rapidly and never seemed to flash in the same place twice.

While this was happening, a large red object appeared on the ground. It was glowing a bright cherry red, and was ball or apple shaped. At the distance that we were seeing this 3-4 miles...This red object had to have been very large, the size of atleast a 3-4 story building...

This continued with the round red object glowing and standing still on the ground while the white lights continued to jump from the foot of the mountain towards the top and back down again.

After about 30 minutes of this, someone apparently called the cops and they arrived. At this point darkness was falling and the flash of the patrol cars strobe/siren was bright.

Apparently the UFO downrange on the ground noticed the police strobes. What happened next will always be in my memory;

All the lights suddenly went out as if a switch was hit. Both the red "globe" and the smaller white "orbs" went dark. All of a sudden, the red globe re-lit on the ground glowing very brightly. After this, the white orbs started lighting up sequentially on either side of the red globe one by one, on the ground on BOTH ENDS of the globe. They kept lighting up until the white lights went around circled around the back of the globe and created the classic saucer shape.

What it looked like now, was a very large, one piece ship, with these white orbs along the edge of the "saucer" and the red globe right in the middle. I got a strong impression that these white lights were all now part of one very large ship and NOT separate as I thought before.

Remember the craft was still on the ground at this point. I would estimate it to be atleast 200 - 400 ft in diameter and about 120ft thick in the middle.

After this "light up/start up" sequence had fully lit up the craft, it rose about 100ft off the ground and started moving rapidly and DIRECTLY towards us and everyone else on the side of the road that was watching this thing.

What followed was mass panic with everyone including us instantly jumping into our cars and speeding down this semi-gravel road in extreme fear. I still remember the huge amount of dust that was created by all of these cars fishtailing the hell outta there so quickly.

I dont know what happened to the UFO, I have confirmed details of this sighting with my family to make sure my memory of it was accurate and sure enough they saw the exact same thing. And just like me, they remember driving home, and dont really remember what happened to that craft as we were speeding away down the road.

Well thats my story, Its changed my life, and sparked a lifelong interest in the paranormal. Georgia has alot of UFO activity to this day, however it is RARELY if ever reported.

Thanks for reading.

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