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The Black Death and Chemtrails from UFO's

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12/24/2012 07:17 PM
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The Black Death and Chemtrails from UFO's
I watched the Ancient Aliens special last night and was astounded during a particular segment about the Black Death plague that occurred in the 13th century in Europe.

This plague reportedly wiped out about 100 million people. This is ALOT of people. Now the original reason that is given in our history books says there was a rodent infestation and this is how the disease originated and spread...but something does not add up.. rodent infestation that killed 100mil people?

Now the written evidence for the newspapers, journals, and other publications during that time shows a different story.

What stands out is that shortly before the plague went into full swing, Europeans were reporting seeing "cigar shaped" objects in the sky "dispensing clouds or mists"

Shortly after these objects were seen over a town, the inhabitants would start dying rapidly of this plague.

Another interesting thing is that people reported hooded figures dressed in black that would appear on the outskirts of town, also seemingly dispensing this "mist" and again mass death immediately followed.

Inhabitants even mentioned that they could "see" the plague as it approached down the street. Could this be the mist or chemicals that these objects were spraying?

Could this have been ET's that decided it was time to "cull" the European population? Can this be related to the modern day chem-trail phenomena? Your thoughts would be welcome! Thanks for reading!