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Canadians are soooo dumb.........................

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12/24/2012 09:28 PM
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Canadians are soooo dumb.........................
well this is how dumb they are,their government is a scam,and they never ratified a constitution, The government is a big scam ,and they love it, i pity the fools. all we got is this fucked up pile of shit called the charter of rights, made up by a faggot named trudeu and a whole bunch of pedo,s and commies, the people never voted for shit ever. StOopid canuks , you deserve evry thing you get. WAKE UP AND DEMAND A REAL GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE. SEE INFO HERE...> [link to www.detaxcanada.org]
baffle m with briliance,or startle m with stupidity. everbody outta the pool.


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