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Columbine High School Had Armed Guard During Massacre In 1999

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29885288
12/25/2012 11:59 AM
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Columbine High School Had Armed Guard During Massacre In 1999
[link to www.huffingtonpost.com]

It's hard to filter all the main-stream media propaganda, especially foxnews on this particular matter, as the foxnews owner is heavily politically involved in the matter.

No extreme will work. Banning guns won't work. Allowing anyone to own a gun as is the state today, also doesn't work.
Some regulation has to be put in place. At least make the guns A LITTLE harder to get.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 29885288
12/25/2012 01:56 PM
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Re: Columbine High School Had Armed Guard During Massacre In 1999

User ID: 27015262
United States
12/31/2012 05:00 AM
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Re: Columbine High School Had Armed Guard During Massacre In 1999
Fact: If an Armed Staff Member is Present to Engage a Lunatic who comes to kill Children, It will Take his Focus off the Children, and force them to Focus their Aim on an Engaging Adult.

Fact: Two Adults Shooting at each other, is better than one Adult Shooting at Children until his Gun is Empty, with no intervention.

Fact: 1 or 2 Armed Staff Members could have saved Children's Lives at Sandy Hook Elementary. The Likelihood of this being True is very high.

Fact: If 10, or even 1 Child could still be with their Families this Holiday Season, it would be Worth Arming School Staff Members.

Challenge: Prove me Wrong... Present your Arguments, And get eaten alive with Reasoning, Compassion as a Parent, and Sheer Logic.

More People Die From Drunk Drivers Annually in the United States, than from Gun Related Crimes... Do we outlaw Motor Vehicles as Evil Things? No... That would be plain Stupid. Cars don't kill People... The Same is true with Firearms. Do you Blame the Car for losing a Loved one? Or the Criminal Driving the Car? Some People have no Reasoning Skills or Logic what so ever... And those People should not be allowed to make decisions for the rest of us.

Would you put off a Child's Protection Entirely to wait for Legislation or Constitutional Amendments? Or would you look for a more Immediate Solution, One That Affords them Some Protection Right Now?

If these Children were Killed with a Knife or a Bow... Should we then Outlaw all Steak Knives and Compound Bows? No... It would be the epidemy of Foolishness, and It avoids the Subject of Defending the Children entirely... And Makes Excuses for ones Personal Fear of a Knife, or a Bow.

Never having thought I would ever say it myself... I would Support my Son's School in Arming some Qualified Staff Members, to Protect Him and His Class Mates, Provided They were trusted in the Community, and I was Provided with Their Qualifications, and some Personal Background...

Given the Lunatics in Today's Society, what Parent wouldn't?

Some People in America have a more realistic sense of a Protection Mechanism for their Family Members than others in the U.S. ...And People in other Countries, where guns are not allowed, have difficulty in understanding this from an American Prospective.

It doesn't make either Party Wrong... It just means one is more prepared to face the Realities of the Life, and the Society we Live in Today.

We need to realize that the Ability of a Firearm to Save a Life, is Equal to it's innate Ability to take a Life.

Would you put off the Protection of Students, to wait for further Legislation or Constitutional Amendments? Or would you look for a more Immediate Solution? One That Affords them Some Protection, Right Now!?

I look at this from the Prospective of the Reality we live in Today. People can Argue the 2nd Amendment all they want... Or try to Burn it, and all that precedes it, or follows it... Or they can Argue new Legislation all they want, which I would fully support... But the Fact is, these things take Time, and our Children cannot afford to wait for such Arguments.

Arguing these things, and waiting on them, completely Ignores the 26 Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary, and their Families Loss... And it completely Ignores the Necessity for Protecting School Children RIGHT NOW, from a possible future threat.

The Fact is, we live in an almost fully Armed Society... A Society where, like it or not, People do exercise their 2nd Amendment Right... I'd like to believe most of those People Exercise that Right for the Proper Reason... But, that being said... Let's use the Second Amendment for something Good. Use it to Protect Children in Schools. Allow Teachers or Education Officials the opportunity to Exercise their Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We do it for Pilots... Why not Teachers?

It used to be Debated that Arming Air Marshals to Protect Passengers on Airplanes, would make flying the Friendly Skies more Dangerous... So My question to you is this:

We DID Arm Air Marshals on Airlines to Protect Passengers...

So why in the hell wouldn't we Arm School Staff to Afford School Children the same Degree of Protection?

Our State Run School System has a Duty to Protect Your Children and Mine... If they cannot Enforce their own Child Protection Act... Then Should Parents Sue the State if their Child is Killed by a Gunman on School Grounds? You Bet!

And ask yourselves how many of the Children's Parents from the Sandy Hook Shooting would Endorse Arming Teachers Today, After the loss of their Child...

Just food for thought.

David Thweatt, Superintendent of The Harrold Independent School District in Texas, has had Armed Teachers since 2007... Follow his Example, and like it or not, at least out of necessity, Consider Arming School Staff in your Local Area...

Here's the Link:
And thanks for your Time.

[link to www.foxnews.com]
We were a Republic Once... What are we now?