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Female circumcision is a right, says imam

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 30811283
12/25/2012 02:18 PM
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Female circumcision is a right, says imam
[link to www.theaustralian.com.au]

This is what "religious freedom" looks like.

User ID: 30833474
South Africa
12/25/2012 06:14 PM
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Re: Female circumcision is a right, says imam

He is saying what God created is wrong which means he is dictating to God, Lucifer did that too......

All world governments and politics are controlled by Satan, the one who was Lucifer once before. Satan was created as a deterrent so we don't go near it and for reasons according to God's own good pleasure which is none of our business.

The government is upon Christ's shoulders and His Judgement cannot be outruled by Satan. Christ's government holds Life, the universe and the earth and everything in it under His control, He created It, He is omnipotent.

Christ is the head of His Church and provides prophets He speaks to for our guidance - The Christian society, the true vine. (not the mother harlot and its daughters - ROME & ISALM - the false vine.)

Christ is the head of the husband and the husband is the head of his wife, she falls under her husband's protection. She is not judged by God, her husband is judged as they are one flesh. The sex act is God's permissive will under law. The correct doctrine is Moses' law and Jesus' law which fulfilled Moses' law. The sex act is there to produce a child into God's Kingdom and the act involves a romantic and an exquisite time of unforgetable love making where both partners enjoy the pleasure of the flesh, it ends in pain during birth the punishment put on women as Eve had sex with the serpent and produced Cain, Satan's son. Never to be forgotten. The husband's punishment is to work for a living and sweat at the brow, suffer because he never stopped Eve from doing what she did and he could have stopped her and protected her, never to be forgotten, he is not allowed to be a man of leisure anymore, punished.

The youthfulness and beauty of his wife's body and his deep love, passion and desire for her, sends sensations through him and he has the desire for sex and experiences an erection, natures way, she in turn is overcome by his manliness her deep love for him, and he is the saviour of her body and experiences exactly the same desires, passion and love and needs to be fulfilled, God made the sexual organs for that purpose and both are transformed into another world of extacy and an orgasm happens satisfying the flesh, he normally satisfies her first and is overcome with her love and joy and performs it is refreshing and pleasing and relaxing and she can have more until full, natures way and he helps her to achieve it. Denying a woman of this pleasure is brutal, only a heart of beast does that, a man who loves his wife will bring her to an orgasm as her husband is the saviour of her body. God made her like that, that is why the marriage laws are very very strict, the sex act mingles with the soul, one flesh, deeply private stuff.

A man is allowed only one wife and can have another if she passes on. If his wife has turned out to be rogue, he must divorce her and keep the children and he may marry a virgin so the married life can continue and the children are cared for, he can choose another lady of his hearts desire. The divorced wife goes back home to her parents and she may not re-marry, she can re-marry if her husband dies one day. If the husband turns out to be the rogue she can leave him but she may not divorce him as it is impossible for a woman to divorce her husband, she goes back home to her parents and takes her children with her, and her father and her brothers protect them from the rogue husband. She remains under God's laws but if she steps out of line she falls under God's judgements, that is the law. No woman may have more than one living husband. The laws are very strict.

The Roman Catholic Church, daughter churches and Islam raped these laws and sent society to hell.
Light to Go

User ID: 8545334
United States
12/25/2012 06:17 PM
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Re: Female circumcision is a right, says imam
It is sick to mutilate a girl, who that hell is imam, I bet he is some patriarchial sadist like the rest of the Abrahmic religions. Yuck!
Untroubled, Scornful, Outrageous-That is how Wisdom wants us to be!
White Genocide: 1900AD @ 35% - Today less than 8% of the earth's population
Sophia's Correction
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 29423593
12/25/2012 06:32 PM
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Re: Female circumcision is a right, says imam
Isn't this part of 'equality'? I mean, it is and was OK to mutilate billions of boys - wether it is or was in the western world or in jewish/islamic countries. Also the Aborigines do pretty nasty things to their boys.
Tens of thousand of boys die every year in Africa, because circumcision is done with dirty, rusty razorblades, pieces of broken glass, clippers, nippers, ...
Except the western world, this is also done in the name of some crappy religion.
The funny things is though, nobody cares about boys, right.
And yes, it's sick to mutilate women, but it's equally sick to mutilate boys - it's simply sick to mutilate humans.