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Message Subject i want to get married
Poster Handle miabelieves
Post Content
You fucking fool , i say that cause i'm female and your predictable knee jerk reaction as the typical closet faggot prick that you are is exactly what i was talking about!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30899323

Oh hush!

A man has the right to be needed, you know.

You liberal fem-nazis tell us constantly how you don't need us men anymore.

Tell us for once what you have to offer instead of what you demand and we might give a shit long enough to let you finish the sentence before singing our favorite song in our head to drown out your whiney, self-righteous demands.

So sick of hearing "me me me me me" ALL the time from you lot. For once, tell the world what the hell you bring to the table other than complaints and demands.

Just go be a lesbian for god's sake.
 Quoting: Sir Phydeau

wondering if you are a man and if that is what men really want? I thought the other poster had it spot on. Physical beauty is all men "see". They do not seek the character and morals.....as long as she's "hot" they are all over it.

Just wondering it that is a real man's thoughts??? Wanting to be needed and tired of the femazis??
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