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Message Subject i want to get married
Poster Handle miabelieves
Post Content
Just wondering it that is a real man's thoughts??? Wanting to be needed and tired of the femazis??
 Quoting: miabelieves

After the looks department is handled, most men who are considering marriage want all the traditional role models to be fulfilled. They want to be the masculine provider and they want a nurturing woman to care for home and hearth and raise good children.

Unfortunately feminism crushes that dream and leaves both men and women unfulfilled. Raising a family is absolutely full time work! You can not hold down a full time job and be a good wife, it's too difficult for even the super women out there.

The end result is that most women will be chronically unfulfilled. Plus with the easy divorce laws and the ability to suck money out of your former spouse, there is no incentive and even a disincentive to stay married. Women initiate 2/3 of all divorces.

So the cycle of abuse continues. Rotten kids then get raised by single mothers. Apparently that's what the Rockefellers wanted, so we have to live with it for now.
 Quoting: SevenThunders

hmmm, interesting. Thanks for your input.
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