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Message Subject i want to get married
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
there are interesting statistics on marriage if someone wanted to do the research. I had read through some once and they were somewhat of a eye opener.
for instance, from what I recall.
college educated people were less likely to get married, more likely to remain married once married.
lower income females were more likely to get married, and but more likely to get divorced.
single women top the poverty rates in the united states, raising like fifteen percent of the children in the u.s.a. below the poverty line.
Wealthy people were actually the LEAST likely to get divorced and had the longest marriages.
Wealthy people were less likely to come from single parent homes themselves.
Two income households had more income than single income household in the top 30 to 70 percent income group. However single income households in that same range and even in the ranges above actually had more WEATLH and assets accumulated though they were single income households.
So two income households made more income, but actually accumulated less wealth.
when polled majority of the upper percentages of wealth and income described themselves as "somewhat traditional" marriages and somewhat conservative households.

you can look it up for yourself. But he statistics I read at least were a feminist or liberals worst night mare. Everything pointed to the fact that two family parenting in traditional households was clearly more successful in income, offspring, and wealth accumulation. With the wealthier less likely to divorce and less likely to have offspring end up in poverty.
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