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Message Subject i want to get married
Poster Handle anonymous1234
Post Content
Well, you're not a bad looking girl so I don't see what's your difficulty in finding dates, if not marriage. Maybe you just need to get out a bit and meet people.

Gotta put yer stall out, girl..

 Quoting: Shoot straight Johnny

Go look on facebook. Every woman who is large takes a picture from above their head. To make them look "skinnier".

Go ahead, check your larger facebook friends (women). 90% of the pics will be taken from above. The ones taken straight on were from someone else doing the picture taking.
 Quoting: Forgotten

what a bitch. really...you sound like you are jealous...if she is a truther, it is best she marry a truther. most facebook people are just complete brain dead over fluorided idiots that still think they are living the american dream...

i guess you sound like you have not been laid in long long time...
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