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Message Subject i want to get married
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have a question for you

Lets assume we lived together and I had a few of my buddies over.

I ask you for a beer in front of them, do you;

1. Tell me to f off and get my own beer.
2. Quietly get it, then leave.
3. Start whining at me in front of my buddies and say that I shouldn't be drinking beer at all
4. Ask all my buddies if they want a beer, then bring it on a tray with some snacks as well, and then leave.
5. get the beer for me, jump on my lap and hold the bottle and tell my buddies to beat it as we have work to do
6. You wouldn't be there if my buddies were there, you would be out at the club with your friends.
7. Say we have no beer left, get a ride from my buddy and then cheat with him on the ride home
8. Get a beer for me, and then start drinking one yourself with us?
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