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Message Subject General smilies
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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MMmmMMmmMMmmm vodka....

I still cant drink... I cant wait to get better where I can actually smell things and taste things again...and get a nice buzz! haha

im at the end of this cold thing.... my kid goes back to school tomorrow im wondering how many kids will be out of school with this mega cold flu thing going around...

and im hoping the kids at her school they have their head screwed on right cause the day before vacation was the end of the world date kids were acting bat chit crazy and all that stuff with the Connecticut school thing some threats came through and they arrested some kid for making threats..

blah blah blah I hope this is a cool calm collective week coming up!

*crosses fingers*

 Quoting: SeaPunk

Oh Yes definitely hope all will be well for the kids! They just have to be aware of much too much these days :(

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