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Immanitize The Eschaton

User ID: 11653440
United States
12/26/2012 08:02 PM
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Immanitize The Eschaton
The Reason For the Immanitization of The Eschaton

Prior to the Unveiling of the Kingdom is Primarily

For the Second Ressurection...

The Dead from the Last Two Trillion Years of Spiritual

Warfare will not be coming back in a mortal body

But as who they truly are, completely spiritual...

Obviously Even a Thousand Years of Preperation for this

Is Paltry but given the sudden nature of Victory

And Calvary it is necessary.

The Largest Issue with Creating a Heaven on Earth

Ectera and Uniting Heaven And Earth

Has always Been TIME, GENESIS and DAYS.

With the End of Time and Genesis, The Last Battle that must

Be Fought is merely TO END ALL DAYS.

And Create such a System as to keep these Matrixes

From being Reimplimented Ever Again.

The Resultant Pressure to End these Matrixes Relied upon

By Powers and Principality's for their Rulership

Results in the Apocalypse of the End Times and The End of Days

The Rise of The Anti-Christ and REVELATIONS

AS the core substratum and substance of Existence

Is Changed so as to accomplish the unity of heaven and earth.

this results in a vast cascade of unveilment

And Apocalypse

What Follows is the Redemption of Kings and Priests

And Finally God Dwelling With Us.