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Message Subject "ISON" COMET of the Century Coming in 2013!! "Brighter than a full moon" The biggest star of 2013!!
Poster Handle waterlily
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If its a real comet, its not a dirty iceball. NASA already studied them up close and their assumptions were completely wrong, in fact the study of comets pretty much clinches, the Electric Universe theory principles are at least in play for a lot of issues. It may be "one theory" but a slight blend of theories that is true-er in the end though. However all the predictions made by EU theorists were in the findings.

Including very similar to meteors, no ice, or tiny minute amounts, clean through electrical process, in fact omits XRAYS, and acts like a capacitor.

1/6 Comets - Not What We Expected
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

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