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Message Subject I used to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture until i watched this video
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Pretty good so far, at the 40:00 mark he does an overview of Revelation and my view is slightly different

Re:1-3 is referring to who the message is from and who the receivers are. Gentiles from the time of Act:10 to the sound of the 7th trump are who the 7 letters cover. Anyone who had heard of God has some form of relationship with him and the 7 letters are God's version of what those relationships will be judged on on that day.

Re:4-5 set where the throne is in heaven and it is where prayers end up. The 24 Elders are the OT Saints that were resurrected on the same days as Jesus and they ascended but only Jesus came back.

Re:6 is the seals and they are prophecy about what will happen and the rest of Revelation covers that in more detail, just like the statue in Da:2 is a prophecy and expanded on in other chapters in Daniel.

Re:7 is the sealing of people, 144,000 from the 12 tribes (children) and a few Gentiles that are repented. That chapter also mentions some that have come through great tribulation so it is referencing the ones that appear before God at the GWT, the last to be sealed by God.

Re:8 is when actual events start to happen on the earth and the coals from the alter are people being sealed and the 4 trumps that sound do so in 4 days.

Re:9 is the core of tribulation that involves fallen angels as was the case before the flood, Satan is the falling start and he releases the Beast from the Pit who was a king on earth before the flood (when 10,000 holy angels put them into the Pit) The end of the chapter is also the end of what the 6th trump brings.

Re:10 is how believers and the 144,000 will see what the 7th trump brings (the angels that begins to sound in that chapter is the 7th trump and resurrection comes to people as their name is read from the book)

Re:11 starts with the temple in heaven and the ones 'found' are Gentiles who pray and have repented their sins, that is effective until the 7th trump sounds and that sets the judgment for who is alive (from the living) for the 1,000 years. Satan has control of Jerusalem for 4 days and when the 7th trump sounds he is destroyed in the same day as the vials are poured out in just a few hours.

Re:12 is and overview of Satan and his interaction with man at the 3 events covered by Ge:3:15. Eve is the 1st woman and she was given pain in childbirth and she was the seed for the two bruises. The 2nd woman is Mary, mother of Jesus and that was the completion of the bruise to the heel, the last woman is all who are sealed during the time that ends with the bruise to Satan's head. (the 144,000 and the 1/3 of the living that will survive to see the end of the day the 7th trump sounds, aka the Church)

Re:13 is an overview of events that happen in the 3 1/2 years that it takes for the 5th and 6th trumps to complete.

Re:14 is partly about the 1st day the 7th trumps sounds and a bit about the ones who face judgment. (the mark is a business permit given by the 10 men that align themselves with Satan. Normal people only but items they do not sell things. (a longer topic than what is covered here)

Re:15 is a continuation of what is covered in the previous chapter except this is about the ones who do not buy and sell. The image in Re:13 is the false throne and it is only in Jerusalem for the 4 days the two witnesses lay dead and that means the mark cannot be given as worship of the throne is a condition in addition to buying and selling. Merchants pass gifts back and forth and it is merchants that are warned at the end of Re:11 and it is they who run and make it to the nearby mountains and see Satan's Babylon (Jerusalem) destroyed in one hour with the same fire that destroyed Sodom.

Re:16 is an overview of how the unrepented people die on the same day the 2 witnesses are resurrected.

Re:18-19 cover events that happen to the wicked on the same day the 7th trump sounds and by the end all the sinners are in the grave, the fallen angels that are the Beast from the Pit and the False Profit are in the fiery lake and Satan is in chains in the Pit where the men sent there mock him from behind the locked gates of hell (there time of repenting which makes them clean when resurrected for the GWT, they are the ones that go through great tribulation in Re:7)

Re:20 is the 1,000 year reign with a static population that is immortal and sinless (Zec:14 also covers this for the Church and Jer:31 for the 12 Tribes)

Re:21-22 is all of mankind gathered and entering New Jerusalem and returning from the 3rd heaven to the earth to start what the 1,000 years was a preview of.

I'm just at the mark of the beast part and that is somewhat covered in this so I may not have to post anything more about it.

1:09:00 is when he is talking about the Saints that are at war. The last woman in Re:12 is the 144,000 and some repented Gentiles (Church) and they are protected but not by their own power, The 'remnant' of their seed is just the two witnesses and they protect Jerusalem until the day they die which is 4 days from Christ coming with glory. Zec:13 mentions the little ones and they are also repented Gentiles so the 1/4 that are killed in the 6th trump are not 'Christians according to the 7 letters'. The whole RCC and the bulk of the Evangelicans may not qualify for protection if their relationship with god is not one of the healthy ones in those letters. For instance tyhe RCC clergy (and many followers) pray to the Pope and that would be considered to be a sin on the first law, love God before you respect a man. The great tribulation they would face would be the 7 vials and then the 1,000 years in hell suffering what is listed in Isa:65 (just so imaginations don't work overtime on what that actually means)

The Beast from the Pit is a fallen angel from before the flood, was (before the flood), is not (from the flood until the 5th trumps sound), will be again (the 42 months that it takes for the 5th and 6th trumps to unfold)
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