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Message Subject I used to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture until i watched this video
Poster Handle OhlongJohnson
Post Content
If you are a true Christian and have read and understood your Bible, you would know that there is NO SUCH THING as a "rapture."

Left Behind series has brainwashed you all with imagery.

Nobody is going to be "taken up," there won't be clothes lying around where people mysteriously vanished... and if there is, it's certainly not of God because it is NOT in scripture.

There is tribulation, people WILL die even some believers, they will be reserved until all the evil is wiped from the earth, Satan thrown into the bottomless pit for 1000 years, and Christ Jesus will reign on earth with our Lord YHWH.

Then, the pit will be opened for a short bit of time and Satan will be purged forever.

Heaven will COME DOWN to Earth... the New Jerusalem, like a bride adorned for her husband.

Read it. Otherwise, silence yourselves because you are preaching blasphemies and are looking to have your fantasies of a "rapture" confirmed by intentionally misinterpreting scripture. There is nothing to BE interpreted. It says what will happen. Either you believe or you don't. God IS or He is not. There is no "individual approach" or middle-of-the-road way of seeing things. Those that have rogue ideas of their own will be the ones following the antichrist because they like to have their ears tickled with fantasies of escaping pain and suffering, when the WHOLE POINT is to have faith until the bitter end. Why would you be taken when the whole point of your existence is to believe the Lord will save you?

Wake up and repent.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15044657

You havnt watched the whole video give it a try and get back with me
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