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Message Subject I used to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture until i watched this video
Poster Handle ru1im2
Post Content
Excuse me for being the voice of reason and playing Devil's (no pun intended) Advocate here, but how accurate do you consider these prophecies to be?

I mean, let's look at this from a skeptic's perspective. As part of the brain's development throughout one's lifetime, we not only learn through patterns\repetition but unintentionally look for coincidences and conclude connections that don't really exist.

Perhaps the point-of-view is that it is not convincing to predict seven very general events to happen especially if they rely on a sequence that is constantly rationalized.

To say that there will be a single being who is the "antichrist" is quite general. It is part of our nature for different civilizations to try and control one another. To expect a species to ultimately come to this system of ranking is quite common. Speaking metaphorically, there will always be the proverbial "alpha male" whether it refers to an individual or an entire nation.

You have things that happen all the time - disease, war, famine, earthquakes, astrological anomalies etc. We'll come back to this in a minute.

Now we reach the "fool-proof loophole" part of the prophecy, where not only are the believers convinced that the prophecy is true but that they must fundamentally defend it to nay-sayers. I could tell you right now that people will try to prove my logic to be wrong and it would make me no more divine than these predictions.

The "seven trumpets" can be interpreted much more freely than the other signs. Again, we look for connections that aren't really there and this forces believers to find significance in the number 7.

Claiming a book to have prophetic value based on these conditions is about the same as some AC making a topic and saying "California will experience an earthquake within the next week" and expecting to be credited as a psychic.

All of those events have happened and continue to happen throughout history because they are characteristic of both human behavior and the environment. Scholars have been labeling different leaders as "the antichrist" since the 1st century. Earthquakes, famine, war and all those factors occur all the time, but the bottom line is that because the prophecies are written so generally, people choose to decide which events fit appropriately to the sequence.

I'm not here to turn you away from any belief, whether it is Christian, atheist or anything in between. I simply suggest that certain people need to stop expecting doom to be imminent so they can enjoy this life they were blessed with more appropriately. The cycle of being good to yourself so you can more fluently be good to others is a never-ending pattern that has led us to our species survival to date.
 Quoting: Brian Moser

Do you have any specific Bible verses that you would like to mention or are you just going to make generalizations just like the ones you are condemning?
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