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Message Subject I used to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture until i watched this video
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Was pre-trib many years ago for a short time.

Am now Pre-Wrath. (7th Seal.....God's wrath)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29862513

I had been a Pre-Wrath for a long time growing up based on what I had then understood of the Bible in various English translations.

Then when 23 I began to look into the Pre-Tribe thing for awhile, many decades really. Closely studying it. But finally about 10 years ago (at 49 of age) I began to take a very close look at the pronouns used in the Olivet Discourse, Matthew 23 to 25, as well as the prepositions in both the English and in the Textus Receptus (as well as Westcott & Hort).. and those pronouns really started to bother me. Having what I felt was a decent treatment of the pronouns and prepositions of that section, I found myself move back into the Pre-Wrath approach when a new interest and clarity I had not had there before.

But all was not hunky-dorry. In the past ten years I have been finding myself more and more a quasi-Preterist, I say "quasi" became I am not satisfied with parts of that derived doctrine as well. SO I am caught between the Pre-Wrath and a quasi-Preterist approach, which is not satisfying yet, as to the fact that I have yet many questions to find the answers too.

BTW., there are websites out there that suggest the Pre-Wrath approach is a 'modern' new doctrinal derivation. I found that claim to be bogus. It has been around for many hundreds of centuries. Perhaps they have just found a new 'flavor' of it, or a new 'version' of it.

This thing is far more complex than many realize once one gets into serious self-study of the Texts themselves sitting aside (put back on the shelf) all of the derived Theology of Eschatology and just taking a very new look at the Text themselves. Of course I find myself using the Constructionalist approach to the Texts themselves... with occasional inspirational aspects thrown into the mix, mostly 'seeing' connections that had been overlooked. Mine has been a 50 year study so far. However, I must add that I tend to despise those derived doctrines that attempt to do any 'date-setting' such as are commonly found such as the End-Times' Date Setting approaches.

When the coming of the Son of Man as spoken of in Matthew chapter 23-25, e.g., I continue to look at the "Gathering Together" there in Matt 24:30-31 in direct linkage with 2nd Thess 2:1-10 in particular. And yet, Mat 24:27-28 are separate from Mat 24:29 which is a return to the topic of tribulation. Where do the eagles gather? On the ground around the dead bodies. Before they do that, the eagles flying around looking for dead bodies from a vantage point 'in the air'. This to me 'hints' that when the eagles are gathered at the dead bodies, the wrath has already started.

Lots of work to do in studying this topic, and it is very hard to sit down and write out your own work and not rely totally on per-digested food.
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