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Message Subject I used to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture until i watched this video
Poster Handle Let us reason
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The basic issue with any interpretation of major prophetic events is not understanding the major key: the Feasts of YHVH given as a perpetual observance to His people.

YHVH gave us the feasts as instruction and rehearsal of His plan. In this subject, we must start with the Exodus. Egypt or Mitzraim meaning bondage. The story shows a people in bondage to the Pharaoh (the AC or world power). Two witnesses are sent to tell the Pharaoh to let His people go. The plagues come upon the Egyptians, but do not harm the Hebrews. The Hebrews (martyrs) are attacked by the Egyptians. At the end of the plagues, the Angel of Death comes for wrath. The blood of the lamb protects them. THEN, they are gathered to go and Succot in the wilderness (millennium) waiting to go into the promise land.

It is identical to the coming end times. But this time there is a greater spiritual component of it. The bible says that the second Exodus will be greater than the first - making the direct connection of the two.

By studying the feasts, one can have much better ground for understanding prophesy. The last three feast really give insight to what will go down.
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