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Message Subject I used to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture until i watched this video
Poster Handle Zerubbabel
Post Content
It's just ODD that so many can make so much "noise" and still get it all wrong. To me, this video was all about fast-talking hucksters, talking about fast-talking hucksters who had it all wrong, and yet, as much KNOWLEDGE has been increased and greater study has been done, it is STILL full of error, half-truths, missed opportunities and a general lack of SPIRT to glean the REAL truth; and be given REAL MEAT to actually PREPARE for what is coming as an OVERWHELMING SURPRISE as to the manner, method, and reality of it all.

I am SDA as many may know, and this is all just second-hand information we've had SINCE the 1830's and NOT caught up in all this pre-trib nonsense. This is all just ONE small part of the whole picture of MANY things that have been corrupted, overlooked, and just plain desregarded as not PERTINENT to our understanding. For example, in trying to make the case of the dead rising first, the very simple statement was made about the dead "that have already gone to be with the Lord". I have never read ANYWHERE that the dead will be returning with Christ at the "rapture" or Second Coming. The dead are DEAD. They are in their graves. Do these so-called dead who are with the Lord, RETURN to their graves so they can be resurrected at the Second Coming? This brings up the very glossed over subject of going to heaven or hell when you die. THIS is also a central teaching of MOST modern-day churches, even though Jesus made it plain to His disciples that Lazerus was "asleep"; and then had to qualify it by saying that he was dead.

There WAS a special resurrection when Jesus came from the grave, but we do not know who they were nor how many. There is speculation that they may be the "elders" who are in heaven, or that they were from the antidiluvian era before the flood.

Among many in this group, there is still the fallacy that SOMEHOW the last part of the Seventieth week of Daniels being "cut off" and placed at the end of time as the 3 1/2 years of tribulation or that there is a seven-year tribulation or WHATEVER. The Scriptures are plain on this point yet these who claim to have the whole truth cannot see that the 70th week of Daniel was fulfilled by the Disciples themselves at the end of the 70th week by taking the Gospel to the Gentiles. Jesus did not preach to the Gentiles--even going so far as to referring to the Samaritan woman as a "dog" in quoting how the Jews treated the Samaritans and showing TO THE JEWS present that this woman's faith was greater than theirs. The same goes with the Centurian whose faith said "just say the word..." Daniel's prophecy specifically said that the seventy weeks were "determined upon thy people" (the Jews). AFTER the 70th week, was when the Gospel went out to the Gentiles. The WATCHING mentioned has everything to do with the times, seasons, signs, etc. The WATCHING that the scriptures speak about are the paths of our own feet. "Watch that we not be ashamed"...etc. These guys in the video were quick to point out that the word "elect" were falsely shown to be the Jews, yet can turn around and NOT SEE that the determined period WAS for the Jews only. There are dozens of examples like this and we can attribute MOST of them to the disinformation of Satan's agents which many (if not most) of these preachers--even the ones who are disparaging those who were IN those errors. This is what is called "the blind leading the blind".

It is written that CHARITY covereth a multitude of sins. Of these who are referred to, the LAW has no power over them. It is HEART PREPARATION that the people need. We can get it all right THEOLOGICALLY, and still miss the boat. I know lots of people who have it all down pat. They keep the law, eat right, tithe regularly, know all the signs to look for, and tell others of Jesus (if there is not too much danger to themselves), but they are devoid of the Holy Spirit and know not that they are "wretched, poor, blind, naked..." I am heartened by those here who have seen what truth is presented in the video, for there are many who have the "whole truth" and shut out any light that may be seeking entrance into their darkened lives, "lest they be led astray". Even in our OWN literature, there are statements WARNING US of the incredible darkness that would seek to overpower us just before the Day of the Lord. WE who are doing the MOST to warn the world are the OBJECTS of Satan's wrath and MULTITUDES of evil angels are sent to darken our path, yet so many believe that God would not allow it and that there was NO WAY that Satan could shut out their view. How shocked they will be when they discover (hopefully not too late), that they have been in darkness that is perfectly arranged to block their view of "present truth."

This video warns to NOT rely on commentaries and books on what the Bible teaches, yet they, themselves are who they are talking about. The world does not need more self-assured fast-talking hucksters. A pastor once asked our group what we are looking for in a pastor. My answer was simple, "I don't want to see YOU. I want to see Jesus."
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