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Message Subject I am the reincarnation of IsIs...
Poster Handle shining stars
Post Content
fuck it...I will put it out to you like this...

Ancient spirit resides in this body...

Have lived multiple lifetimes...only to experience the divine connection to the source after much suffering...but I am not done by any means...

Let my voice be finally heard through all of the chaos and noise on this fucking website at times! There are others...I will know them... It is a time to show your true selves. I just don't know what else to say but it is time to shine and truly look within to who you are. I was afraid...I'm not now. Thanks to a post I just read on a certain thread ;) IsIs is not my name...but I have a strong mind connection to the spirit. I won't respond to the negative ones...I just had to say this outloud :)

 Quoting: Ancient Spirit 30782892

What the hell is wrong with people? No, your a mortal being, and when you die since you didn't accept Jesus Christ, and bowed to other gods you will be destroyed, it's that simple.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30607703

I'm not bowing to nobody...never said I didn't have love for Jesus in my heart. What do you want me to to tell ya. I don't follow the bible bullshit...
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