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Message Subject I am the reincarnation of IsIs...
Poster Handle and here comes Perseus
Post Content
and the dance goes on and on
 Quoting: Michael_

It's a dance?....yeah I suppose so...maybe lol

 Quoting: 12 30782892

well it's just that so many claim to be a god or goddess of some sort or an incarnation of, with no way of proving it.
There is alot here on GLP, but also out in the real world, so many claiming to be something else than themselves.

it's just funny that if we have the fortune of having so many divine beings down here, and yet nothing really happens, everything is the same, there is no change, I wonder why.

this whole deity business seems more to be a sort of idol/celebrity phenomenon, getting a crowd and fame and not really doing anything different than any other person down here.

seems more humane than divine, no offence
this was not directed at you OP, more a general observation.
 Quoting: Michael_

Because only 1 is actually fighting for mankind. Only 1 understands the Tree of Life and only 1 knows how to fight the Beast.

Thread: Good Morning, Love GoD. Miracles do happen.
 Quoting: Perseus7

Well hello again Mr. 7 chuckle you do have passion I will say that for these subjects lol

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