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Message Subject I am the reincarnation of IsIs...
Poster Handle communication
Post Content

It's a dance?....yeah I suppose so...maybe lol

 Quoting: 12 30782892

well it's just that so many claim to be a god or goddess of some sort, with no way of proving it.
There is alot here on GLP, but also out in the real world, so many claiming to be something else than themselves.

it's just funny that if we have the fortune of having so many divine beings down here, and nothing really happens, everything is the same, there is no change, I wonder why.

this whole deity business seems more to be a sort of idol/celebrity phenomenon, getting a crowd and fame and not really doing anything different than any other person down here.

seems more humane than divine, no offence
this was not directed at you OP, more a general observation.
 Quoting: Michael_

I'm not claiming to be a goddess or WOS or any of that. I said I am connected to her spirit...um if you read my first post i put it down in that one.

I have no proof so you are right in that sense Michael...I can only go by my heart. I have kept this inside for years. Not allowed for some reason to bring up till now. I knew then was not the right time. Now is the time to shine. To not be scared and speak from your heart. IsIs is special to me...what can I say to your post other than I am not in this for any type of fame. I think it would be horrible to have to live like they do... I am human living a divine experience through the ancient spirits. I am connected to them...they call...I listen.

 Quoting: I heard the call 30782892

in such matters proof for outward mind it is impossible even for one's own, so much more impossible for another's.
but in terms of heart proof is different. it is woven through syncronicities and can be communicated to alike kindled hearts.

if you are connected to the spirit of the mother of the world in a counscious way and you are born in a female body this is great news indeed.

i am born in a male body this time but i have the blood of the rose inside.
i was initiated by Her Presence between the 2 venus transits. i am accustomed to name Her Vesta,
but not the name is what counts
 Quoting: andreidita

Andredita I can't thank you enough for your words hugs I am a female. Blood of the rose inside? Something about the rose triggers me. Always has...hmmm I have to look some things up in a few about that.

I keep concentrating on her new name...but your right what is in a name? Does it really matter. I guess I thought when it came to these matters it did....but know you will know them by thier hearts :) Wow...thank you again...cause your post really helped me today.

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