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Message Subject I am the reincarnation of IsIs...
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
Andredita I can't thank you enough for your words hugs I am a female. Blood of the rose inside? Something about the rose triggers me. Always has...hmmm I have to look some things up in a few about that.

I keep concentrating on her new name...but your right what is in a name? Does it really matter. I guess I thought when it came to these matters it did....but know you will know them by thier hearts :) Wow...thank you again...cause your post really helped me today.

 Quoting: communication 30782892

then dear sister, a little message for the IsIs inside, so that you shall embody her to the brim:

"A statue of Isis covered by a transparent veil

We revere an essence of the Divine Mother which we can restore to life as we unite within itís sacred precincts. This is facilitated greatly by our enthusiasm for, our vision of, our alignment with that Divine Mother essence within us. Only as we uncover Her in our midst do we realize why we are here and how we can tap the mystery and the magic of this earthly existence in great abundance and generosity.
We are poised here on the edge between the contemplative and the active worlds. First we are drawn within, to become able to honor what the culture has forgotten and what we ourselves have virtually done away with. A journey, a process, a steep arduous passage is usually involved. We have lost and forgotten so much and we have turned ourselves into ones almost numb to the very treasures we bear within. Just to become at home inside with the Mother in all her cells and tributaries is a very big chunk of what we take on here.
If we ever do merge within the Motherís light and breath, we will perhaps feel called out with even a greater fervor and passion to the quest. For this is the kind of sacred mystery that wants to become common, open, free, spilled out everywhere. Only as we can be spontaneous and natural in letting the Mother through us will we feel the full circle change of what it means to be at the source right on the strut, in the thick of the marketplace.
This is all about becoming flowing and flexible and fluent in the Mysteries in the midst of life. Yet this requires immersion and deep contemplative responsiveness to the lost chord. Then it demands vibrant expressiveness of itís soul essence in every dealing on every hand.
She wants to be the sacred ingredient which turns each situation from mundane to inwardly alive. She needs vessels for this, who have an instinct, a feeling, a wise remembrance. If we take her with us, she will take us all the way through."
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