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Message Subject I am the reincarnation of IsIs...
Poster Handle Just me
Post Content
you can tell who that is by the stupid flowers left at the end of each post-lol and of course her familiararity with Michael.
log in fake She who thinks shes Isis.
i see you.
that was too easy.Has anyone got anything real to do besides all these stupid games again?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30973269

ahaha, their little teamfuqtard tried to go after me earlier today and got smashed of course. what a clownshow.

 Quoting: Perseus7

There is no team Persus only me. God why do you have to be such an asshole to me? I am on my own journey as well. Respect it or shut the fuck up. I'm about done with the petty bullshit around here. No one can speak from the heart without getting attacked!
 Quoting: Perseus -7 30782892

I will be banned for this but I don't care.
Look for alternate forums........I would outright say it......
But there's a numb nuts here.
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