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Message Subject I am the reincarnation of IsIs...
Poster Handle peaceful spirit el
Post Content
It really doesnt matter what you associate with; i dont take it personally that you beleive you are the incarnation of an ancient god from the African continent, as long as your belief leads you to DO some actual good, an drives you to makechanges that you otherwise would not. If i could possibly give you some advice, from a person that has sort of "been there"; associate not with any particular image or persona. You can make just as much difference, as an anonymous coward, or a "nobody" as you could with it. The ego leads us to find credibility within ourselves and acceptance from others, when all that really matters is the message and aura we create and harbor. Look past names, look past popularity. Please, show off that modesty and humbleness and sweet meekness that fills the feminine soul. Understand that every word you speak DOES make a difference, and you dont need to have anyone else to tell you otherwise. Find that power , to touch and positively influence peoples lives without them ever knowing or realizing your importance. That is the true way, of the godlike human being. Much love
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4883496

Damn amazing post! Maybe reincarnation wasn't the right word but I feel her spirit around so I don't know atm cause this thread is crazy and I think I might need a xanax or something chuckle

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