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Message Subject I am the reincarnation of IsIs...
Poster Handle Artaius
Post Content
How come you need this "doing something for mankind thing" for proof and yet you use it to claim that you have done better in doing this and this. This is the definition of arrogance, I thought you would know this. And you´re judging all the time. What kind of soul level would you call the way you´re acting here.

Funny, that I always hear people claiming they mirror me, when I mirror them as clear as the sun and they just can´t stand it.

Sry if you take this saying for rivalism, but you challenge it.

My soul essence.
I love my soul essence, as I love yours, as it is the same.
No matter what ego games you´re playing without noticing.

I feel your anger and dissapointment Art. I mirror your soul essence. I've lost some respect unfortunately I thought you were much more intelligent than to let your ego blind you to the obvious here. You simply cannot rival the hand of GoD..this is not a high horse I am on.. I DONT WANT THIS JOB..but we made an agreement. He asked and I said ya sure fine w/e.
 Quoting: Perseus7

 Quoting: Artaius

perhaps you are on this level. tell me what have you been doing for mankind these last couple months. thanks.
 Quoting: Perseus7
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