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Message Subject I am the reincarnation of IsIs...
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content
No bro. You are right now making a joke out of yourself. See, if there´s one thing I don´t like, it´s arrogance and if you want to play shitty games, don´t challenge me, I´m done with that.

See, there´s people that are doing well and they ain´t bitchin around about it all of the time, imagine that.
Try a bit of humility instead of trying to piss on everyone´s back.

If you want to judge, then judge yourself first.
Imagine doing good and shutting the funk up about it, can you?


Judging? Yes that is my job...so I guess you haven't done anything since you didn't even give 1 example. That's the point..not who has done more but that you people have done NOTHING...yet you would have the insane nerve to question me...it is really like a horribly sad joke. I hate doing this to you guys it's actually totally opposite to my normal demeanor but such is life at this point. Tough Love...sadly the cerebral mycosis will not allow you to accept simple clear logic with the evidence to back it up. Shrug.
 Quoting: Perseus7

 Quoting: Artaius

Good I wasted enough time on you already. I did judge myself first with Death watching and giggling. Anyways laugh at me too I welcome your stupidity with open arms. If my long lost brother came here and said hey guys I can turn me some water into wine, follow me..I bet you might just crucify that man. Funny how the fallen just keep falling.

 Quoting: Perseus7

The judge is within ourselves, and when you hear Gabriel's horn and see Him, you have already been judged and sealed with your name written in the book of life. I saw my name in it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25567776

sigh...yes the judge is within you but I had to mark the betrayers and deceivers..and dispose of the greater demonic entities...you have no memory of the unholy pact.

Gabriel and Hermes are one of the same and he was my guide for the first two weeks till I was up to speed with the recall process.

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