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Message Subject I am the reincarnation of IsIs...
Poster Handle Artaius
Post Content
And there is enough room for each archetype.

It´s good to let out, what wants to be seen.

And it´s also good, that after all fighting, we see that we all walk the road to the same destination together.
Seemingly there´s much disagree, when in truth we´re dancing the eternal dance, experiencing ourselves in the wild oceans, changing positions, enjoying being able to interact with each other in every kind of way.

this is becoming a classic type of thread thread for me it seems :)

people with which i connected at soul level fight eachother.

is it so hard to cosciously get hold of some archetypes?

not by mistake all the pantheons of gods have many.
and they quarel.

those of the wisdom side, sophia, venus, heart etc

do you not know the game of venus and mars?

it can be easily seen that perseus impersonates the mars/ares archetype

and he will surely confirm.

the wisdom of sophia is that it can put ares easily at rest in his heart.

not get into a fight

both archetypes are needed for a dance

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