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Message Subject WOAH MAN!!!! Swapping Guns for groceries in US report in Aus 27/12/12........
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Half those weapons are probably broken,another 3rd are probably stolen to which they will be returned to the original owners

Morons trading their protection/rights for a meal
 Quoting: Crippin

Guns and ammo, and from what I saw they appeared to be in good condition. Stolen guns are not returned to owners. 100% of the guns turned in are melted down

The lines were so long they had to turn people away. They ran out of the "gift" cards.

The local channels interviewed the mayor ( who is so stupid he struggles to complete a thought) as well as people waiting in their cars. OMG, waiting hours in a line to turn in a gun so they could drive away with a $100 gift card for the local grocery store.

From what I saw 75% were Mexican and the other 25% were black. All the while the mayor was babbling on about the success of this program and how it has reduced violent crimes in LA.

It is sickening and frightening how easy people accept the need for government to protect us from ourselves. Stupid fucking people
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